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What are the main components and functions of the pogo pin connector

time:2020-11-16 Views:106

  Now everyone is using a lot of electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, computers, etc., and products of various era technologies are all over people's lives, making people's life, work and study more convenient and faster. These are inseparable from the pogo pin connector. What is the composition of the pogo pin connector?

What are the main components and functions of the pogo pin connector(图1)

  Pogopin is a pogopin, which is widely used in various precision electronic instruments. It plays the role of connection and is used to transmit electrical energy and signals.

  The pogo pin is mainly composed of three parts. One is the housing, which is the needle tube, the second is the spring, and the third is the needle shaft. The needle tube is the main structure, which plays a role of shaping and supporting. The needle tube is generally made of copper material, and the outer wall is gold-plated, which has the effect of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. At the same time, it can improve the mechanical and electrical performance, and has better power and signal transmission. The spring is mainly used as a top force, so that the needle shaft and the connection point can better contact. According to different products, parts and connection requirements, there are also different formulations for spring materials and strength. And most of the current needs to pass through the spring, so sometimes the spring needs to be gold-plated. The needle shaft is the contact part of the connection point, which is connected with the needle tube, and at the same time acts as a movement through the spring. Therefore, the strength and electrical properties of the needle shaft must be able to achieve the effect. There must be high durability and high wear resistance requirements. As for the needle tube, it also needs to be smooth inside to allow the needle shaft to move better.