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Application advantages of magnetic connectors

time:2020-11-16 Views:204

  Application advantages of magnetic connectors

  1. Automatically absorb connections to improve user experience

  Both the traditional pin method and the POGO PIN method require the user to align the PIN pin plugging and unplugging. Even with the fool-proof structure and push-pull self-locking function, the user must use a certain force to lock or release the buckle structure . Because the magnetic connector has the polarity of the permanent magnet, plus the foolproof and certain buckle locking structure, it can be automatically locked and locked, and the plugging force can be adjusted by the size and position of the permanent magnet. In order to achieve a better user experience.

Application advantages of magnetic connectors(图1)

  2. Anti-drop maintenance mechanism, easy to remove the suction interface

  Magnetic connectors are used to connect and transmit various signals. In order to ensure the quality of signal transmission, magnetic connectors must have a certain force for continuous communication. Non-magnetic connectors generally require a locking structure, so that if someone passes or operates during use Improper tripping often occurs. In most cases, it will cause personal injury, and even the machine end and the cable assembly may be damaged by pulling the machine end. Since the magnetic connector is designed to be magnetically sucked, it will ensure the stability of the connection to ensure that users and others can be released in time when they are tripped, which can largely prevent injuries to the machine end and cable. Component damage.

  3, design advantages, long mating life, waterproof and dustproof

  Most of the magnetic connectors use the POGO PIN separation magnet structure. The POGO PIN structure is the contact between the PIN pin point and the surface, and the design of the internal spring structure of the PIN pin and the plating process can be designed to handle high insertion and removal more quickly Life, waterproof and dustproof, corrosion resistance and other issues, so as to provide customers with customized and diverse treatment plans faster.

  4. Magnetic positioning, precise positioning and foolproof

  The magnetic connector uses permanent magnets, and the design of position planning can make the connection positioning accurate. Because of its polarity, if the user turns the 180° connection during use, it will be crowded and cannot be connected, which perfectly prevents the first time And the misoperation of the less frequent users, to a large extent ensure the user's personal safety and equipment stability.

  5. Save space and apply the advantages of POGO PIN connection

  The application of the POGO PIN in the magnetic connector allows this connection plan to save a lot of volume compared to the traditional pin configuration, and the internal structure of the POGO PIN pin and the overall magnetic connector structure design adjustment can be completed. Docking methods, such as vertical docking, 90° docking, side-slip docking, and other inclined docking.