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Talking about spring thimble

time:2020-11-17 Views:237

  Spring thimble is widely used in daily life and industrial fields. Now there are more and more spring thimble manufacturers. Although the spring thimble is very small, it has greatly improved our extensive use in the electronics and hardware industry.

Talking about spring thimble(图1)

  1. The function of spring thimble:

  The pogo pin, also called pogo pin or PogoPin, is a precision connector used in electronic products. It is widely used in semiconductor equipment and plays a role in connection. Usually, the surface of the spring thimble is gold-plated, which can improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical performance, electrical performance, etc., and the price is also cheap.

  2. Application fields of spring thimble:

  Nowadays, there are more and more spring thimble manufacturers, their applications are also more and more extensive and the demand is increasing sharply. Although the spring thimble is small, it can be widely used in mobile phones, computers, watch bracelets, smart devices, aviation, aerospace, military communications, military electronics and other products; it also affects our inseparable automotive and car navigation applications; In addition, high-end technologies such as medical equipment, wireless equipment, and data communication equipment are also involved.

  3. Classification of spring thimble:

  (1) Compression spring: Among the major fields, compression springs have the widest range of applications. There are many types of end shapes: seat ring at both ends, and equal grinding at both ends.

  (2) Tension spring: Each ring will be wound into a spiral ring or pitch ring that is close to each other, and will extend outward when subjected to an external force, and maintain the force of contraction toward the middle.

  (3) Torsion spring: Double torsion spring is divided into outer double torsion and inner double torsion spring.