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How to install pogo pin

time:2020-11-18 Views:188

  Nowadays, people's demand for pogo pin is increasing, and the development of technology has higher and higher requirements for pogo pin. There are also more and more pogo pin manufacturers on the market. If you want to choose a more suitable product, you need to understand the product in advance. Let’s take a look at the installation methods of pogo pin.

How to install pogo pin(图1)

  1. The first is surface mount. This pogo pin installation method is usually more stable. The bottom of the needle tube is a flat bottom design, so you can choose a vertical or horizontal package, which can also make it easier to solder to the PCB board. . In addition, some needle tubes will have positioning pins at the end, so there will be no offset, and the effect will be better.

  2. Secondly, the direct solder tail installation method is a normal plug-in package, which is easy to solder. In addition, the tail-bending plug-in package is often used, so pogo pin manufacturers have more choices in the use of space.

  3. The last is floating installation. This method mainly uses double-head double-action design, so it is more suitable for connection without welding pressure, which will also give engineers more space flexibility when board-to-board two-way connection.

  Of course, there are many other installation methods for pogo pin, and the choice should be decided according to the actual situation.