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How to Choose a Suitable Spring Probe?

time:2020-11-19 Views:298

  First of all, according to the shape of the spring probe. What equipment is used for connection and where it is used determines the type of spring probe selected. The type of spring probe determines which terminal is used and how many conductive terminals should be arranged.

  Second,according to the electrical requirements of the spring probe.The voltage and current requirements of the product, whether the spring probe can be used in the electrical properties.

How to Choose a Suitable Spring Probe?(图1)

  Third,according to environmental requirements.Temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions mainly depend on the location of the pogo pin, so the location and the expected environment must be considered.

  Fourth,according to mechanical performance requirements.For spring probe, whether the volume and coverage area are effective,the allowable dimensional tolerance, the insertion and withdrawal force of the terminal and the durability of the connector are all considered when selecting the connector.

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