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Pogo pin gold plating process

time:2020-11-19 Views:115

  Pogo pin is mainly made of copper, and its surface is required to be treated to make it more corrosion resistant and friction resistant. Typical surface treatments are gold plating after nickel plating and tin plating after copper plating. The following is a brief understanding and analysis of Wanchang electroplating process, equipment, products to be plated and electroplating layer connector surface treatment process.

Pogo pin gold plating process(图1)

  Pogo pin electroplating process is basically the same as general electroplating process, but the operation time of each process is obviously shorter than that of general electroplating. Therefore, the treatment solution and plating solution must be adjusted accordingly to meet the requirements of short operation time. Now let's learn about the gold plating process of pogo pin with the Xiaobian of Wanchang.

  First, degreasing: unlike the general electroplating process, the degreasing time of pogo pin is about 2 ~ 5 seconds, so multi-stage electrolytic degreasing under high current density should be selected.

  Second, acid pickling: because of the size requirements of the plated metal, pogo pin generally uses chemical grinding or electrochemical grinding, and rarely or basically does not use the autolysis of metal.

  Third, nickel plating: pogo pin is generally selected from sulfamate bath. The purpose of nickel plating is to provide the bottom coating for gold and tin plating to improve the corrosion resistance, and prevent the performance degradation of electroplating layer caused by the mutual diffusion of substrate (mostly copper alloy) and gold layer, or lead layer.