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What are the spring types of pogo pin connector?

time:2020-11-19 Views:180

  There are many kinds of pogo pin connector springs. Different types have different characteristics.

  Metal pogo pin connector spring, nonmetal pogo pin connector spring and torsion pogo pin connector spring are pogo pin connector springs which bear torsion deformation, and their working parts are tightly wound into spiral shape. The spring end structure of torsion pogo pin connector is processed into various shapes of torsion, not hook ring. The torsion pogo pin connector spring uses the lever principle to twist or rotate the elastic material with soft material and high toughness, so that it has great mechanical energy.

What are the spring types of pogo pin connector?(图1)

  The tension pogo pin connector spring is a spiral pogo pin connector spring that bears axial tension. When it is not loaded, there is usually no gap between the rings.

  Its axial compression connector is usually made of coil spring and popingo, which is made of coil spring and popingo The shape of pin connector spring is cylindrical, conical, convex and concave, and a small amount of non-circular. There is a certain gap between the coils. When the spring is subjected to external load, the pogo pin connector spring will shrink and deform and store deformation energy.

  Progressive pogo pin connector spring adopts the design of inconsistent thickness and density. The advantage is that when the pressure is small, it can absorb the undulation of road surface through the part with lower elastic coefficient to ensure riding comfort. After the pressure increases to a certain extent, the thicker part of pogo pin connector spring can support the body, but its disadvantages are that the handling feeling is not direct and the accuracy is poor.

  The thickness and density of linear pogo pin connector spring from top to bottom remain unchanged, and the elastic coefficient is a fixed value. This design can make the vehicle get more stable and linear dynamic response, and help the driver to control the vehicle better. It is mostly used in performance oriented modified vehicles and competitive vehicles, but the disadvantage is that the comfort is affected.

  Compared with the original pogo pin connector spring, the short pogo pin connector spring is shorter and more robust. The installation of short pogo pin connector spring can effectively reduce the body center of gravity, reduce the roll caused by bending, make the bending more stable and smooth, and improve the vehicle's handling ability in the curve.