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Mechanical properties of pogo pin connector

time:2020-11-19 Views:120

  Pogo pin connector is now widely used in various electronic products. It is mainly composed of pogo pin needle, needle tube and spring, plus a plastic component combination to form a pogo pin connector. Today, I will introduce the mechanical performance characteristics of pogo pin connector.

Mechanical properties of pogo pin connector(图1)

  1. Stable contact performance

  Because of its large compression capacity and stable contact function, pogo pin spring thimble can effectively improve the working compression, ensure the stability of contact, and provide more stable working frequency for electronic equipment.

  2. Compact, precise and space saving

  In order to better play the role of its connection, it is generally made very small, saving the space of the battery, and can realize the thin and miniaturization of the body, which is convenient for the user to carry.

  3. Strong durability

  When it is compressed, the contact point position will not change, which can maintain a stable connection point and obtain stable electrical performance. The combination of plastic colloid shape and spring probe of pogo pin spring can be set freely, so its design degree of freedom is outstanding.

  With the rapid development of science and technology in modern society, mechanized equipment is more advanced, and the trend of replacing human resources is more obvious. An important part of the machine is the connector, which is very small, but often plays a particularly important role. As a hub with connection function, the quality of the connector will directly affect the safety performance, practical performance and service life of a machine. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good pogo pin connector. When purchasing mechanical equipment, we must pay special attention to this point.