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The role and performance of pogopin connector

time:2020-11-20 Views:233

  Pogo pin is a kind of connector, its function is very simple, it can play a role in connection. The pogo pin can be formulated according to actual work requirements, and different specifications can be selected according to the formulation. Let's learn about the role and performance of the pogopin connector:

The role and performance of pogopin connector(图1)

  First of all, the main function of the connector is to connect, the pogo pin can maintain a continuous working current, and the current is very small, only 3A. Its working voltage is about twelve volts or less, and the connector has good elasticity, which can play an important role in connection.

  Secondly, there are certain requirements for the working environment of the pogo pin and even the machine. Its adaptable temperature during work is between -25 and 75 degrees. If it is in storage, the temperature will change, at -40 Between degrees and 85 degrees.

  The pogo pin connector has a very long service life. It can maintain 10,000 times of continuous use. A good quality connector can also be used 10,000 times or more. At the same time, its conduction resistance is less than 20 ohms.

  The pogo pin connector has many advantages. It can resist the contact of the working point in electrical performance and withstand voltage. It is a kind of connector that is often used now. Only by having a comprehensive and detailed understanding of it can you understand what kind of work performance it has, so that it can play a more important role and also benefit the work. Unfold.