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Future development space and characteristics of pogo pin connector

time:2020-11-20 Views:153

  With the continuous development and innovation of electronics industry technology, connectors play an indispensable role in various digital electronic products, and have the function of communication and bridge in the circuit. After the electrical signal is fast, efficient, stable, low loss, high fidelity Transmission to ensure the normal performance of the complete functions of the device. In recent years, due to the continuous development of downstream data communications, computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, automotive batteries and other industries, the global connector market demand has continued to grow, and the overall market scale has continued to expand. Especially the development of the smart phone industry in recent years has promoted the rapid development of pogopin spring thimble connectors!

Future development space and characteristics of pogo pin connector(图1)

  The pogo pin connector market is mainly distributed in the five regions of North America, Europe, Japan, China, and Asia Pacific (excluding Japan and China). These five regions account for more than 90% of the global connector market. In recent years, due to the impact of global economic fluctuations, the connector markets in North America, Europe and Japan have all grown slowly, or even show a downward trend, while emerging markets represented by China and the Asia-Pacific region have experienced strong growth, becoming a global advancement. The main driving force for the growth of the connector market.

  The pogo pin connector has the following advantages:

  1. Good contact reliability

  Compared with the same size shrapnel connector, the pogo pin connector has a larger compression and its contact is more stable. When subjected to a strong external force, the spring pressure of the pogo pin connector will change less.

  2. It can effectively save PCB board space

  Under the same compression condition, the pogo pin connector takes up less space than the shrapnel connector.

  3. The contact point is more stable

  The contact point of the pogo pin connector will not move when it is compressed, while the shrapnel connector will move relative to the position. The stable contact point can make the product obtain stable electrical performance and better play the product performance.

  4. Longer service life

  The pogo pin connector can extend and retract at least 10,000 times. Generally, a better quality pogo pin connector can extend and retract more than 100,000 times, which also extends the service life of the product.

  5. Fast production speed and low cost

  The pogo pin connector does not need to be stamped, the sample is ready and the time for mass production is short, so the pogo pin connector is the most economical and fastest way to choose the connector.