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How will pogo pin probe connector develop in the future

time:2020-11-20 Views:218

  The pogo pin probe connector is a connector widely used in electronic equipment. The development of pogo pin mainly relies on the product advantages of pogo pin, so how will the pogo pin probe connector develop in the future?

How will pogo pin probe connector develop in the future(图1)

  1. Product advantages of pogo pin connector

  1. Better reliability

  2. The positive force will be smaller than the shrapnel when the compression stroke changes the same

  3. Pogo pin saves more space

  4. Pogo pin electric shock is more accurate

  2. Technical development of pogo pin connector

  1. Miniaturization development technology of POGO PIN connector

  This technology is mainly developed for the trend of connector miniaturization and can be applied to micro-miniature connectors below 0.3mm. It is a new product of MINI USB series. It can be used in multi-contact expansion card slot connectors, which can meet and surpass the strict requirements of multi-contact surface adhesion technology for coplanar contact points, with high accuracy and low cost.

  2. High-frequency and high-speed wireless transmission connector technology

  Third, the future development of pogo pin

  The process of global electronicization is getting faster and faster, making various fields such as smart grid and three-network integration gradually begin to develop on a large scale, so the demand for pogo pins is also increasing. The pogo pin needs to be applied to the development of electrical and electronic products towards miniaturization, intelligence, and green development, so it is very important. The pogo pin connector will get better and better in the mobile phone connection and even the electronic connector.