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The principle of the pogo pin in the magnetic data cable

time:2020-11-21 Views:150

  The magnetic data cable refers to the charging cable that is connected to the charging effect by the way of magnet male and female. Magnetic charging cables are also called magnetic charging cables, magnet charging cables, magnetic charging cables, magnetic charging cables, and magnetic data cables. The magnetic data cable is mainly assembled by magnetic attractor and wire.

The principle of the pogo pin in the magnetic data cable(图1)

  First, the magnetic data line design

  The design principle is the realization of the function of the product, which is mainly determined by the qualitative structure of the pogopin and the tightness of the product parts assembly process. Some small parts require very precise process requirements, and the tightness of assembly requires sophisticated. Otherwise, it will cause unstable product performance, or PIN card, spring burning, etc., which will affect the stability of the entire product.

  Second, the product application of magnetic data cable

  In terms of product applications, magnetic attractors are mainly used in smart wearables: smart rings, smart collars, smart pendants, children's smart watches, smart bracelets, smart school bags, smart clothing, smart gloves, smart shoes, Bluetooth headsets, etc., smart homes : Smart home appliances, air purifiers, automatic controls, water purifiers, smart cups, smart door locks, safes, etc. Consumer electronics: Bluetooth headsets, mobile power supplies, children's toys, cameras, beauty equipment, lighting equipment, rehabilitation training machines , Scanners, etc.; aerospace, medical equipment, automotive electronics, automated industrial equipment, data communication equipment, industrial testing equipment, wireless equipment, orbital mobile smart cars; virtual reality equipment (VR), drone equipment, intelligent robots equipment.

  Compared with the traditional micro charging method, the magnetic data cable can reduce the number of unplugging and plugging of the charging product and enhance the socket life. In addition, most of the magnetic data cable adopts blind charging method, put it in the designated position, it can automatically suck and start charging to mourn the connection effect. From this point of view, the magnetic data cable uses the principle of magnetic attraction to automatically connect, thereby improving the service life of the product, and also bringing more convenience to the people's life.