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What factors are related to the abnormal fracture of pogopin spring thimble

time:2020-11-21 Views:266

  PogoPin covers charging pins, battery pins, antenna pins and other springs and connectors. This connector has the advantages of small size, large current, strong contacts, beautiful appearance, stable performance, etc., and is widely used in mobile phones, walkie-talkies, and connections Line, digital products, laptop computers, security products, medical equipment, aerospace, military electronics, communication equipment, consumer electronics, household appliances, toys, etc.

What factors are related to the abnormal fracture of pogopin spring thimble(图1)

  The stresses received by the spring mainly include: bending stress, changing stress, tension and compression stress and compound stress.

  The main faults of the spring are: cracking, deformation, slack, and wear. The main analysis is cracking and deformation (relaxation).

  1. Brittle cracking: most of the spring cracks are brittle cracking. Only when the working temperature is relatively high, will some of them show plastic cracking. In engineering, fatigue cracking, stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement cracking are all called brittle cracking.

  2. Fatigue cracking: the spring cracking under the effect of cyclic loading.

  3. Stress corrosion cracking: Tensile stress and corrosive media cause tension spring cracking.

  4. Corrosion fatigue cracking: The spring cracks under the action of cyclic load and corrosive medium.

  5. Hydrogen embrittlement, cadmium embrittlement, black embrittlement: brittle fracture caused by high impurity content in the spring material.

  6. Wear: Wear is divided into: abrasive, fatigue and corrosion wear and cracking.