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The composition of the pogopin connector

time:2020-11-21 Views:286

  The pogopin connector is a kind of precision electrical connector. It is also called a spring thimble connector and a pogo pin connector; this article mainly introduces the structure of the pogopin connector and the advantages and disadvantages of its various structures, which will help everyone follow their own products Features Choose suitable pogopin connector products.

The composition of the pogopin connector(图1)

  The pogo pin is mainly composed of a needle, a needle tube, and a spring. The multi-pin connector will have a plastic base for easy assembly.

  The needles of pogopin connector mainly have the following three structures:

  1. Flat bottom

  The flat-bottom design is because the structure of the needle and the needle tube will not be able to contact in some special circumstances, which will cause the current to be unable to pass through the needle tube, and the tube wall will follow the spring, which will cause too much resistance and greatly reduce the voltage. Instantaneous power failure of electronic products.

  2. Inclined plane

  In order to ensure that the needle can maintain 100% contact with the needle tube when working, the end of the needle contacting the spring is cut into a bevel. This design concept can ensure a low and stable contact impedance, and at the same time can absolutely guarantee the stable conduction of the product.

  3. Reverse drilling

  This design is the best choice for small size connectors. Can meet the elasticity needs of different customers. The length of the matching spring designed in this way can exceed the length of the needle tube, and under the condition of limited space, it can also be designed for reverse drilling, which is convenient to obtain stable elastic force and stroke.

  The needle tube structure of the pogopin connector is also very complicated, and the common ones are: flat-bottomed, with tail pin, with bent tail pin, head type, spherical bottom, etc.