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How does spring thimble plating ensure its composition and quality

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  Compared with ordinary connectors, spring thimble connectors have the characteristics of long service life, small size, and easy installation and replacement. The spring thimble is a very precise component, and its process and production technology requirements are extremely high; the electroplating of a spring thimble has a direct impact on the quality of the finished product, and can determine whether the quality of a product is passed or scrapped.

How does spring thimble plating ensure its composition and quality(图1)

  The spring thimble is mainly composed of a needle, a needle tube and a spring. The spring of the spring thimble is generally made of beryllium copper, stainless steel, and piano steel wire. Various materials have their unique characteristics. The following are basically considered when designing the spring: Temperature, impedance, elasticity requirements, etc. Springs are basically silver-plated. For better electroplating, it will directly affect the conductivity of a spring thimble connector. Gold-plating will be done. Gold can better improve electrical conductivity and high thermal performance to prevent oxidation and corrosion. .

  How to ensure the composition of the gold-plated spring thimble:

  The needle tube of the spring thimble is a deep-turned part. Generally, it is electroplated through two steps of nickel plating and gold plating. First, the nickel bottom treatment is performed, and the thickness is generally 1~2 microns (as usual, 40u"=1 Micron), gold plating is a common surface treatment layer, the thickness is basically 0.1~1.0 microns. For small-diameter and relatively long blind-hole tubes, it poses a challenge when electroplating spring thimble. Generally, side holes are opened at the bottom end, making The plating solution is fully refluxed at the bottom of the tube to ensure that the gold composition is deposited at the bottom of the tube. Or tell the customer the basic ratio of the design: length and tube inner diameter.

  When you do not use the pogo pin connector for the time being, you should not place the pogo pin connector at will, especially in a place with sunlight. If you forget to put it away due to negligence, the pogo pin connector will be electroplated due to long-term sunlight exposure The damage on the battery will affect its application and even cause safety accidents. Therefore, we must keep in mind where the spring charging pin connector can be stored, and do not cause safety accidents due to negligence.

  Pogo pin connectors cannot be placed in high temperature places. Continuous high temperature or high humidity will damage the pogo pin connectors, especially in the environment containing chemicals, the pogo pin connectors will be corroded, so that the outside metal The protective layer will lose its protective effect, causing the current lines inside to be destroyed, losing its normal conductive function, and becoming a defective product.

  When you need to move the pogo pin connector, be careful to prevent the connector from touching hard objects, causing damage to the connector, and not to put it under heavy objects to avoid crushing the connector.