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What are the advantages of pogo pin

time:2020-11-23 Views:262

  Spring thimble is used in electronic products such as mobile phones. The pogo pin, or pogo pin, is a spring-type probe formed by the three basic parts of a needle shaft, a spring, and a needle tube through a precise instrument riveting and pre-compressing it. There is a precise spring structure inside. The surface coating of spring pogo pin is usually gold-plated, which can better improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical performance, electrical performance, etc. Needle tips include pointed needles, grasping needles, round needles, knife-shaped needles, etc. Spring pogo pin is usually used in mobile phones, communications, automobiles, medical, aerospace and other electronic products to make precision connections, which can improve the corrosion resistance, stability and durability of these connectors. Because the spring pogo pin is a very fine probe, it can be used in precision connectors to reduce the weight of the connector and the volume of its appearance, making the connector more refined and beautiful.

What are the advantages of pogo pin(图1)

  1. The contact reliability of the spring thimble pogo pin connector is good. Compared with the same size shrapnel connector, the spring pogo pin connector has greater compression and more stable contact. When subjected to a strong external force, the spring pressure change of the spring pogo pin connector is relatively small.

  2. Spring thimble pogo pin can effectively save PCB board space. Under the same compression condition, the spring pogo pin connector will take up less space than its shrapnel connector.

  3. The pogo pin contact point is more stable. When the spring pogo pin connector is compressed, its contact point does not move, while the shrapnel connector will move relatively to the moving position. The stable contact point allows the product to obtain stable electrical performance and better exert the product performance.

  4. Pogo pin has longer service life. The spring pogo pin connector can expand and contract at least 10,000 times. Generally, a better quality spring pogo pin connector can expand and contract more than 100,000 times, which can also make the product life longer.

  5. The production speed of spring thimble pogo pin is fast and the cost is low. The spring pogo pin connector does not need to be punched, and the time for sample and mass production is short. Therefore, the spring pogo pin connector is the most economical and rapid connector choice.

  Now that electronic devices are gradually popularized and smart devices are widely used, spring pogo pin is also constantly changing itself to improve market competitiveness, so as to adapt to the rapid development of electronic devices.