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What are the surface coatings of the spring thimble?

time:2020-11-23 Views:214

  The pogo pin, or pogo pin, is a very precise connector, its function is to connect current or signal; today Wanchang mainly introduces the surface coating processing technology of pogo pin.

What are the surface coatings of the spring thimble?(图1)

  Electroplating refers to the process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on part of the metal surface using the principle of electrolysis. It mainly uses electrolysis to attach a layer of metal film to the surface of a metal or other material. To prevent metal oxidation (such as rust), improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) and enhance aesthetics.

  The common surface coating types of pogo pin are: gold plating, nickel plating, silver plating, chrome plating, zinc plating, copper plating, etc.; different electroplating materials can meet different use requirements, such as higher current requirements Gold plating is usually applied to the surface. This is because gold is the most conductive metal at room temperature, followed by silver plating. At the same time, some products are directly in contact with the skin, such as smart bracelets. , Bluetooth headsets, etc., which require anti-perspiration treatment and non-sensitization to the skin. The cost of products with special requirements such as connectors will also be higher.

  There are also some products that choose to use conventional electroplating materials such as nickel plating, silver plating, chrome plating, and zinc plating. Such products are usually relatively large in size, and the current requirements are not particularly high, and the cost is relatively low, so they usually choose this Kind of material.

  Finally, copper plating. The processing material of pogo pins is usually brass, mainly because brass has less conductivity and the processing hardness is also very suitable. And some special products will use stainless steel as the main processing material, and copper plating is relatively rare.