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What is the effect of the load generated when the spring thimble is working

time:2020-11-24 Views:229

  Spring thimble is widely used in electrical connection and signal transmission. Common applications are mainly used as smart terminals, consumer electronics, smart wearables, shared devices, drones, and smart robots. Next, the editor of Wanchang will talk to you about the difference between the working height and stroke of the spring thimble and what should be paid attention to when using it. What kind of impact will it have if it is under load?

What is the effect of the load generated when the spring thimble is working(图1)

  The spring thimble is mainly composed of a needle, a spring, and a needle tube plus plastic. So what is the working height of the pogo pin? The working height of the pogo pin refers to the height of the pogo pin during product application; then what is the stroke of the pogo pin? The stroke refers to the range of movement of the spring thimble needle, that is, the retractable distance of the spring thimble needle.

  So, what effect will the spring thimble have on the load work?

  Under normal use, the working height of the spring thimble is a bit smaller than the stroke of the spring thimble. If it is operated at full load, the spring of the spring thimble will be compressed excessively, which will affect the service life of the spring thimble. This will shorten the service life of the product.

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