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Production process of spring thimble connector

time:2020-11-24 Views:231

  The spring thimble connector is an electronic connector that is often used in smart devices in our daily lives. The spring thimble connector is mainly composed of three main components: needle, needle tube and spring. It seems that the structure is very simple , But the processing is not as simple as imagined. There are some different types of spring thimble connectors. Let's take a look at the types of spring thimble connectors with Wanchang's editor.

  1. Surface mount spring thimble connector: the flat-bottomed single needle we usually mention, the applicability is the longest, and its process is the simplest compared to the other three, and the price is the same at the same height Gold plating thickness is the most economical choice.

    Production process of spring thimble connector(图1)

  2. Double-head spring thimble connector: refers to the addition of a small head on the standard single-pin antenna thimble connector to achieve double-sided conduction and better transfer current.

  3. Plug-in spring thimble connector: It is to make the single needle better welded on the PCB board and other equipment. Generally, it will be customized to be 90 degree angle and vertical plug-in type according to the customer. Single needle.

  4. Non-standard spring thimble connector: In addition to the above spring thimble connector types, there is also a non-standard shape antenna thimble connector. This is usually customized according to customer products and rarely can be used universally. Compared with the price, Relatively more expensive.