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How is the spring thimble connector soldered to the PCB board to make it fixed?

time:2020-11-24 Views:294

  Spring thimble is a very commonly used electronic connector. Its basic structure is mainly composed of a turning needle tube, a turning needle and a compression spring. There is a crimp at the mouth of the needle tube to maintain the needle in the needle tube. The contact force provided by the spring is used to establish an electrical connection between the needle and the mating parts. I believe many people do not know how the spring thimble is welded. Let's follow the editor of Tyco Hanze to understand how the spring thimble connector is soldered to the PCB board.

How is the spring thimble connector soldered to the PCB board to make it fixed?(图1)

  The market continues to develop and products are constantly upgraded. More and more consumers are not only limited to the multi-function of the product, but also demand a stylish appearance and a small and thin appearance. The spring thimble is a very fine probe, the volume can be made very small, so the application in the precision connector can effectively reduce the weight of the connector, save space, and make the appearance beautiful.

  Many people don't know how the spring thimble is used on the product and how to solder it on the PCB board. In fact, in the process of using the pogo pin, the male and female ends will be connected, and the pogo pin will compress a certain stroke (the compression is 1.0mm, the elasticity is 70g±20g). Allow it to power on, transmit signals, etc. to achieve various functions.

  The spring thimble can be soldered on the PCB board to fix it, and it can also be fixed in the product structure. These require professional design engineers to solve these problems.

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