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Precautions when using spring thimble

time:2020-11-25 Views:214

  The spring thimble is a very precise hardware and electronic connection device. Because of its special use, in order not to affect the function of the product, you must pay attention to the following points when using it:

Precautions when using spring thimble(图1)

  The first point: An important part of the pogopin connector is the spring, and the spring has a certain compression/extension range. Therefore, when choosing a pogo pin product, consider the working stroke and compression of its use environment to ensure that the pogo For the service life and stability of the pin, it is recommended that the compression of the Pogo Pin is usually 2/3 of the total stroke when selecting the model; too little press-in and insufficient forward force will cause unstable impedance; too much press-in will cause collision Injury the nozzle and cause pin stuck. During the assembly process, attention should be paid to prevent the nozzle from being hit and pin stuck.

  The second point: contact direction; the contact direction of the pogo pin during application will have a direct impact on the contact area and contact force of the pogo pin contact, and the contact area and contact force will directly affect the contact resistance , So you must pay attention to its contact direction when designing and selecting.

  The third point: the battery contacts or FPC golden fingers paired with the pogo pin must not be dirty or oxidized.

  1. There must be no residual sealing liquid; the contact surface matched by the pogo pin must not be dirty, etc.

  2. No other dirt residues are allowed; the pogo pin should be prevented from touching the plastic partition during assembly and use.

  The fourth point: the pogo pin head and nozzle should be prevented from touching the plastic partition during assembly and use. The pogo pin seems to be a very simple part, but without a good quality control and perfect manufacturing process level, it is very prone to power failure and pin stuck, or durability, that is, the life is too short. Its craftsmanship is particularly delicate and complicated. It is processed by lathes, electroplated, and assembled. Each process may bring serious hidden dangers.