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Advantages of spring-loaded thimble connector

time:2020-11-25 Views:135

  The two most common battery connectors on the market are shrapnel-type connectors and spring-type thimble connectors. Nowadays, smart phones are becoming thinner and thinner, and the space requirements for connectors are getting higher and higher. Now many mobile phone manufacturers use spring-type thimble connectors as battery connectors; then, compared with shrapnel-type battery connectors, spring-type What are the advantages of thimble connectors?

Advantages of spring-loaded thimble connector(图1)

  Comparing the ejector pin type and the shrapnel type with the same amount of compression, the ejector pin connector will take up less PCB board space. When the working position is 4mm and the compression is 1mm, the thimble connector will take up less space on the PCB board. It can fully realize the thin and miniaturization of the body.

  Compared with the shrapnel-type connector of the same size, the thimble connector has a larger compression and stable contact. The thimble-type battery connector has a more effective working compression than the shrapnel type, ensuring the stability of contact.

  When compressed, the position of the contact point of the thimble connector will not change, which can ensure a stable connection point and achieve more stable electrical performance. The thimble type is 20000 times and the shrapnel type is 5000 times. The thimble type battery connector is more durable than the shrapnel type. The shape of the plastic gel and the combination of the thimble can be set freely, so the design freedom is more prominent.

  Through the above analysis, we can know that the thimble connector has more advantages than the shrapnel type: it can make full use of the PCB board space; the thimble connector can ensure a high initial contact pressure; compared with the previous shrapnel connector, it is stable The contact pressure of the thimble connector is higher than that of the shrapnel connector; the design freedom is also high.