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Precautions for selecting spring thimble connectors?

time:2020-11-25 Views:134

  Everyone now uses a lot of electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, computers, etc. These products representing the technology of the times fill people's lives and make our life, work and study more convenient and faster. For these, the function of spring thimble is indispensable.

Precautions for selecting spring thimble connectors?(图1)

  The spring thimble is a connector with particularly strong performance, so how to judge and choose a high-quality spring thimble connector?

  The length of the spring thimble connector is as short as possible. Because the greater the degree of bending or deflection of the spring thimble, the lower the accuracy of the measurement results of the workpiece, which is not allowed for some precision workpieces, so we are choosing the spring thimble It should be strictly checked, it is best to choose those shorter spring thimble. Make the gap of the spring thimble as large as possible. Because of this, it can effectively reduce false triggers caused by shaking, reduce the impact on accuracy, and make the results more accurate.

  The above description is only a summary of the principle of selecting spring thimble. If you want to use the spring thimble well in practice, you also need to have an understanding of the basic knowledge of the spring thimble, because there are many types of spring thimble, such as vertical spring thimble, double-ended spring thimble, spring thimble with tail, and welding spring thimble; If you don't understand these, then naturally you don't understand when choosing a pogo pin.