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How long does the spring thimble need to be replaced?

time:2020-11-25 Views:130

  No matter what kind of spring thimble has its service life. Usually the company’s pogo pin catalog will have a marked life, but the probe needs to be replaced as long as it is used. This is determined by the life of the spring and other related factors that affect the life of the test pogo pin. So what are the factors that affect the life of the test spring thimble?

How long does the spring thimble need to be replaced?(图1)

  1. Test environment: Conventional spring thimble has a life expectancy of about 100,000 times. But the life is often dependent on the test environment. If the test environment is poor, various impurities will enter the inner tube of the spring thimble, which will damage the spring, so the spring thimble must be replaced. This is a small part replacement, and another is to replace the spring thimble regularly. After a certain period of use, the spring thimble must be replaced. If it is a high-frequency spring thimble, it is special. The high-frequency spring thimble is mainly in the inner core needle of the high-frequency needle. Therefore, the replacement of the high-frequency spring thimble is usually to replace the inner core needle, which can greatly reduce the cost.

  2. The precision of the spring thimble: under normal circumstances, the thinner the spring thimble will be shorter, so the life of the normal spring thimble is close to the theoretical life of the manufacturer. The jig is well maintained and the cleanliness of the board tested by the jig is high. According to the stroke test specified by the spring thimble, the replacement frequency of the spring thimble is reduced.

  3. How the spring thimble is used by the user: If the user does not use it correctly, the test spring thimble may be damaged and replaced in advance. For example, the depth of the head depression of the spring thimble (that is, the degree of head depression when the head touches the test point. There is a slight contact, there is a head depression two-thirds and a depression to the bottom), the depression speed and the depression , These will consume the spring of the pogo pin.