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How to use pogo pins

time:2020-11-26 Views:204

  When the pogo pin is in use, the pogo pin and the thimble hole will rub against each other, the thimble may be burned or worn, the thimble hole will wear more, the product thimble will peel off, and the phenomenon of broken pins will affect the quality and assembly of the product. influences. Therefore, lubricate the pogo pin regularly. So what is the method of using pogo pins?

How to use pogo pins(图1)

  (1) The thimble should be arranged so that the ejection force is as balanced as possible. The demolding force required for the complex structure is large, and the number of casing pipes must be increased.

  (2) The thimble should be placed in effective parts, such as bones, columns, steps, metal inserts, local thick glue and other complicated structures. The top needles on both sides of the bone position and the column position are preferably arranged symmetrically. The distance between the thimble and the bone position and the column position is generally D = 1.5mm. Make sure that the center line of the thimble on both sides of the column passes through the center of the column.

  (3) Prevent the thimble on steps or inclined surfaces. The top surface of the thimble should be as smooth as possible. The thimble should be placed on the structural component with good force.

  (4) When the rubber part has a deep bone position (depth≥20mm) or it is difficult to arrange a dome needle, a flat thimble should be used. When a flat thimble is needed, the flat thimble needs to use the insert form to facilitate processing.

  (5) Prevent sharp-pointed steel, thin steel, especially the top surface of the thimble from contacting the front die surface.

  (6) The arrangement of the thimble should consider the edge distance between the thimble and the water delivery channel to prevent affecting the processing and water leakage of the water delivery channel.

  (7) Considering the exhaust function of the ejector pin, in order to eject the ejector, the ejector pin should be placed in a part that is easy to form a vacuum.

  (8) For plastic parts with appearance requirements, the thimble cannot be placed on the design surface, and other spraying methods should be used.

  (9) For transparent plastic parts, the thimble cannot be placed in the part that needs light transmission.

  (10) Choose a thimble with a larger diameter. That is, under the condition of sufficient ejection position, a thimble with a larger diameter and preferred size should be selected.

  (11) The size of the thimble should be as small as possible. When using a thimble, adjust the size of the thimble to minimize the size and size, and use the preferred size series.

  (12) The selected thimble medicine meets the requirements of ejection strength. When ejecting, the thimble will bear a lot of pressure. In order to prevent the bending deformation of the small thimble, the thimble should be used when the diameter of the thimble is less than 2.5mm.