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Is there a difference between a pogo pin connector and a POGO PIN connector

time:2020-11-27 Views:167

  In fact, the pogo pin connector and the POGO PIN connector are the same product, but the name is different.

  Pogo Pin is a spring-type probe made of three basic components: Plunger and Tube (Spring) after being riveted by precision instruments. It is also called pogo pin, pogo pin, Spring probe, PogoPin connector.

Is there a difference between a pogo pin connector and a POGO PIN connector(图1)

  The bottom of the needle of Pogo Pin is generally inclined structure. The function of the inclined structure is to ensure that the Pogo Pin maintains sufficient contact with the inner wall of the needle and the needle tube during work, so that the current mainly passes through the gold-plated needle and needle tube to ensure the stability of the Pogo Pin There is also low impedance.

  Pogo Pin is usually used in the precision connection of electronic products such as mobile phones, communications, automobiles, medical treatment, aerospace, etc.; because Pogo Pin is a very fine probe, the volume can be very small, so it can be used in precision connectors Effectively reduce the weight of the connector, save space, and beautify the appearance of products (for example: ultra-thin mobile phones, smart watches and other products).

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