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What is pogo pin spring thimble and its application

time:2020-11-28 Views:193

  Sometimes the pogo pin spring thimble may be unfamiliar to everyone; in fact, pogo pin spring thimble is ubiquitous in life and is used in many fields, and its demand is increasing. This has also spawned many pogo pin spring thimble manufacturers, which not only improves our quality of life, but also makes our life more convenient.

What is pogo pin spring thimble and its application(图1)

  First, what is pogo pin spring thimble:

  Pogo pin, also called pogo pin, is a kind of precision connector used in electronic products. It is widely used in semiconductor equipment and has a connection effect. The surface of the pogo pin is usually gold-plated, which can better improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical performance, electrical performance, etc., and it is cheap and widely used.

  Second, the application of pogo pin spring thimble:

  In recent years, more and more pogo pin manufacturers have developed rapidly, mainly because of its wide range of applications and large demand.

  Pogo pins are very small and precise, and are widely used in aviation, aerospace, military communications and military electronics; secondly, they also involve industries such as automobiles and car navigation that are closely related to us; in addition, in medical equipment, wireless equipment, data communication equipment Other applications have also been applied.

  Third, the types of pogo pin spring thimble:

  (1) Compression spring: Among various industries, compression springs are the most widely used. There are many types of end shapes: seat ring at both ends, and equal grinding at both ends.

  (2) Tension spring: each coil is wound into a spiral circle or pitch circle that is close to each other, which will extend outward when receiving an external force, maintaining the force of contraction toward the middle.