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There are three main ways to fix the pins on the connector

time:2020-11-28 Views:107

  There are many pins on the connector. The pins of the connector are mainly used to communicate with related devices. Therefore, the pins of the connector are very important. In order to ensure the stability of the pins, which methods should be used?

There are three main ways to fix the pins on the connector(图1)

  1. Connector pin press-in type: the pin is fixed by forced press-in method.

  The pin installation is simple, the insulated wire does not need to be stripped, which can ensure a good electrical connection without damaging the wire. There is no need for cable return, which can save investment in cables. There is no need to cut off the main cable, and it can be used as a tap at any position of the cable. The cost is low and the installation space requirements are small. The connector is completely insulated, and the cable branch can be made without stripping the cable insulation.

  2. Connector pin epoxy type: After perforating the insulator and shell, use epoxy resin to fix the pin.

  This will enhance chemical resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and organic solvent resistance. And the molding shrinkage rate is low, the size is stable, and the cracking probability is low. Its mechanical properties and heat resistance are also excellent, and the bonding strength is high. It is very suitable for use in the plastic case encapsulation of products with inserts and coils and electronic devices. Excellent electrical properties, can be used as high-frequency and high-voltage insulation materials, arc resistance and surface leakage resistance are better than ordinary insulation materials.

  3. Connector pin point riveting type: After pressing in, point riveting the shell to fix the pin.

  This kind of structure is simple, the reliability is also high, it is a cost-effective permanent fixed assembly method. The assembled metal components are firm, compact and stable, with high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance and strong weather resistance. And there is no vibration, pollution and noise during processing, environmental protection, energy saving, fast, efficient, high quality and beautiful. It can also be fixed by riveting at multiple points without adding any adhesives, solvents, fillers and fasteners, low energy consumption, compact equipment and small footprint.