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How to Choose a High-quality Pogo Pin?

time:2020-11-30 Views:162

  First,the length of the Pogo pin is as short as possible. The greater the degree of Pogo pin bending or the greater the degree of deflection, the lower the accuracy of the measurement results of the workpiece, which is not allowed for some precision workpieces.

How to Choose a High-quality Pogo Pin?(图1)

  So, try to choose the shorter Pogo pin. Make the gap of Pogo pin as large as possible. Because it can reduce false triggers caused by shaking effectively, reduce the impact on accuracy and make the results more accurate.

  Second,understand the types of Pogo pin,it is also divided into surface-mounted Pogo pin, double-headed Pogo pin, plug-in Pogo pin, welding Pogo pin, etc.

  As a part of the connector,Pogo pin often plays the role of connection and conduction in mobile phones and smart devices, and plays a very important role in conduction. In order to ensure the quality of electronic products, the quality of Pogo pin must be guaranteed.

  Shenzhen Witchip Electronics Co., Ltd. integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales.

  It is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of various POGO PIN and POGO PIN connectors, shrapnel terminals, and CNC automatic lathe parts. It can also be produced and processed according to customer samples. There are more than 4000 product categories for customers to choose.

  The products are used widely in various electronic products such as drones, smart robots, smart wearable products, 5G communication products, smart home products, education/entertainment electronics, medical equipment products, automotive electronics, mobile phone consumer electronics, etc.