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Precautions for improving the performance of the charging needle

time:2020-11-30 Views:166

  The charging needle is also called a probe, which is mainly composed of needles, needle tubes and springs. It is mainly used to test the wiring condition of the PCB board, or used in the online inspection after the plug-in, and used in the BGA package inspection and chip inspection. It is worth noting that when measuring the wiring condition of the PCB, a measuring mold must be made, and usually an OCB board can only be tested by one mold. In ordinary testing, if you want to strengthen the performance of the stabilized connector, then you need to do oxygen-enhanced testing. Next, Wanchang will talk about what changes can be made to improve the performance of the product.

Precautions for improving the performance of the charging needle(图1)

  The design concept of the inclined surface structure of the needle of the charging needle can ensure a very low and stable contact impedance, and this design concept can absolutely ensure the stable conduction performance of the product. In addition, the needle has a perforated structure. This design allows the length of the matching spring to exceed the length of the needle tube, so that a stable elastic force and stroke can be obtained even under conditions of very limited space. But it should be paid special attention that the needle should not be designed with a flat bottom, because this design method will prevent the charging needle needle from touching the spring thimble needle tube normally, so that the current cannot pass through the needle tube, which will cause too much resistance. , Causing the current of electronic products to be unstable.

  The next step is the design of the charging needle needle tube. Generally, the charging needle manufacturer should set the overall structure of the charging needle according to the customer's structural space for charging and the function and life of the product. It is necessary to fully consider the convenience of fixing the product on the PCB and the depth of soldering. At the same time, for the connection of the battery, there will be a needle tube with a special shape or a 90° bending for customers to choose freely, so that the customer can choose the most suitable charging needle.

  If you want to maintain the precise size of the charging needle and meet the customer's more requirements for the product, the material or design of the charging needle must be required to the highest standard. Usually, stainless steel SUS304 or piano steel wire is used as the spring. The material, because this material can ensure the toughness of the spring to enhance the life of the charging needle.