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Ensure the performance of pogo pins during production

time:2020-11-30 Views:184

  Ensure the performance of pogo pins during production!A qualified pogo pin manufacturer attaches great importance to the quality control of its products. Only in this way can we provide consumers with better products. So, how do magnetic connector manufacturers ensure the integrity of the performance of the pogo pin?

Ensure the performance of pogo pins during production(图1)

  The pogo pin connector is mainly made by injection molding on the plastic box seat. This process method needs to inject the molten plastic into the metal membrane and allow it to quickly cool and shape. If the molten plastic cannot fill the tire membranes, there will be some leaks. This is usually something that needs to be detected at the injection molding stage; after passing the test, the pogo pin manufacturer can quickly find the problem and adjust it in time to ensure that there is no other problems.

  In addition, magnetic connector manufacturers can also use backlighting in specific processing and production, so that product defects and plugging problems of the required connection jacks can be identified in time. The final manufacturing stage of the pogo pin connector is generally the finished product; in order to ensure the quality of the product, electroplating can be used to combine the pins individually. In fact, no matter which connection method is selected, the manufacturer will check whether the positioning of all pins is accurate during assembly. This test by the manufacturer can check the measurement of the spacing on the mating surface of the connector, so as to ensure the performance and quality of the product.

  The way to effectively supervise production is reasonable control, which ensures the integrity of product performance in actual operation and at the same time brings a better experience to consumers.