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How to choose the correct antenna spring thimble

time:2020-12-03 Views:285

  The antenna spring thimble will affect the function of the entire device. How to choose a suitable antenna spring thimble?

How to choose the correct antenna spring thimble(图1)

  1. The shape selection of antenna spring thimble

  Questions such as what equipment to use and where to use it must be considered first, which will determine the type of choice. The type of antenna spring thimble determines which terminal is used and how many conductive terminals should be arranged.

  2. Electrical requirements for antenna spring thimble

  When choosing an antenna spring thimble, the electrical requirements of the product must be considered. What are the voltage and current requirements of the product, and whether the antenna spring thimble can be used in such electrical properties, these issues need to be considered. In addition, other electrical conditions should also be considered: resistance, allowable resistance change, millivolt drop, large current value, large voltage value, inrush current value, characteristic impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), insertion loss And EMI shielding efficiency.

  3. Environmental requirements

  Temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions depend on the location of the antenna spring thimble, so consider the location and the expected environment.

  4. Mechanical performance requirements

  For the antenna spring thimble, what kind of volume and coverage area are effective; what is the allowable dimensional tolerance; what is the insertion and withdrawal force of the terminal; what is the durability of the connector (the frequency of the mating mating). These factors must be considered when selecting connectors.