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How to store and use pogo pin connector correctly

time:2020-12-03 Views:161

  POGOPIN connectors are widely used. Many digital products on the market now use POGOPIN connectors. Therefore, everyone should understand the storage and correct use of POGOPIN connectors to avoid unnecessary trouble.

How to store and use pogo pin connector correctly(图1)

  1. When you receive the POGOPIN connector, first check whether the outer packaging is intact. If there is any damage to the outer packaging, then check whether the pogo pin connector is damaged. Make sure when using the pogo pin connector. It is intact.

  2. For the POGOPIN connector that is not in use temporarily, it must be installed and stored in the correct way. It cannot be placed casually, let alone placed in a sunny place. This is because if the POGOPIN connector is exposed to sunlight, It is extremely easy to be damaged; and when it is really needed, it cannot be used normally. If the pogo pin connector cannot be used normally due to improper placement, it will not be worth the gain.

  3. In addition to storing the pogo pin connector in the sun, it cannot be used to place the pogo pin connector in high temperature, humid places, and places with chemicals. High temperature and humid environment is also easy to damage the POGOPIN connector. And where there are chemicals, it is easy to corrode the metal of the pogo pin connector and destroy the gold-plated layer of the pogo pin connector, so that the connector does not have a conductive function when using the POGOPIN connector. Therefore, you must pay special attention when placing the pogo pin connector.

  Fourth, when the pogo pin connector is in use, or where it is placed, there should be no grease-like objects. If it is contaminated with grease-like objects, the pogopin connector will not work properly.