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Spring probe

time:2020-12-07 Views:283

  With the rapid development of my country's economy, the computer industry and electronic products have also developed rapidly. Spring probes are more and more widely used, and Spring probe manufacturers are also rapidly emerging. So what exactly is it? Today Xiaobian Jing Chengye will introduce to you:

Spring probe(图1)

  Spring probe, also called probe, is a contact medium for electrical testing and is a high-end precision electronic hardware component. It is divided into pogo pins and general pins when used as a circuit board test. When using the pogo pin, it is necessary to make a test mold according to the wiring of the tested circuit board, and usually, a mold can only test one type of circuit board; when the general-purpose pin is used, only enough points are required Test circuit boards, so most Spring probe manufacturers currently produce different types of Spring probes. There is a layer of gold on the surface of the pogo pin, which improves its corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, and electrical properties. Because of its small size, high precision and light weight, pogo pins are widely used in aviation, aerospace, military communications and military electronics; secondly, they also involve the fields of automobiles and car navigation that are inseparable from us; in addition, medical equipment , Wireless equipment, data communication equipment, etc. also have its presence.

  In recent years, electronic products have developed to be light and portable, and Spring probe manufacturers are not far behind. Spring probe's stable contact resistance ensures the stability of electronic equipment. Spring probes need to be plugged and used repeatedly during work. The life span can reach about 50,000 times. It also has the performance of waterproof, moisture-proof and shock-proof, so the emergence and development of Spring probe is also another milestone in my country's electronic products.