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Analysis of abnormal gold plating of pogopin spring needle

time:2020-12-07 Views:261

  The material of the pogopin needle and needle tube is usually brass. Copper is a particularly active metal. It will react with oxygen when exposed to the air and the surface will oxidize. Therefore, pogopin spring needles must be surface electroplated; commonly used are gold-plated on the surface, and some require nickel plating, zinc plating, silver plating or crossing.

Analysis of abnormal gold plating of pogopin spring needle(图1)

  The gold plating process occupies a very important position in pogopin pogo pin electroplating; at present, except for the selective gold plating process for some strip pogo pins, barrel plating and vibration plating are still used for the gold plating of a large number of pinhole parts. In recent years, the volume of connectors has become smaller and smaller, and the quality of the gold plating in the pinhole parts has become more prominent. Users have higher and higher quality requirements for the gold layer. Some users are more picky about the appearance quality of the gold layer. .

  1. The color of the gold-plated pogo pin is abnormal

  The color of the gold plating layer of the pogo pin is different from the normal gold layer, or the color of the gold layer of different parts in the same accessory product is different. This is one of the most common problems in electroplating.

  2. The influence of the impurity of the gold-plated raw material of the pogo pin

  The impurities brought into the plating solution by the chemical materials beyond the tolerance of the plating solution will quickly affect the color and brightness of the gold layer. If organic impurities affect the gold layer, the gold layer will become dark and bloom. The location of detection of dimming and blooming is not fixed. If metal impurities interfere, the effective range of current density becomes smaller; the Haul tank test shows that the low end of the current density of the test piece is not bright or the high end is not bright and the low end is not plated, reflecting that the plating on the plated part is red or red. Blackened, the color change in the hole is obvious.

  3. The gold plating current density of the pogo pin is too large

  Because of the calculation error of the total area of the plating tank parts, the value is larger than the actual surface area, the gold plating current is too large, or the amplitude is too small when vibration electroplating is selected, so that all or part of the plating parts in the tank are coarsely crystallized. Redness of layers.