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Source of Pogo Pin

time:2020-12-07 Views:106

  The literal translation of Pogo means Seesaw, and Pin is often a small object like a pointer. Connected together is a small elastic needle with a spring, called a pogo needle for short.

Source of Pogo Pin(图1)

  Hewlett-Packard designed the first pogo pin more than 20 years ago and registered a trademark. It is used as a signal connection between the board and the board in the printer designed by HP, which reduces the complexity of the cable connection and makes the connection simple. It also makes the internal circuit more concise.

  Pogo Pin seems to be a simple part, but if there is no good quality control and perfect manufacturing process, it is easy to have power failure and pin stuck, or short life. The craftsmanship is particularly delicate and complicated. From lathe processing, electroplating to assembly, every link may bring serious hidden dangers.

  For example, lathe processing, it is best to use automatic lathe processing, so as to ensure that the precision of parts is between +/-0.01mm, and most factories use cutting machines to process, the accuracy is not guaranteed. There is also the surface finish processed by the lathe, especially the inner surface finish of the needle tube is very critical. Most factories do not have surface roughness testing equipment.

  In the electroplating process, the thickness of the plating layer will affect the cost structure. In addition, the quality of the gold plating in the hole also has a great influence on the electrical impedance and mechanical properties of the pin. Choose strict supplier cooperation and select the standard process and IQC control process to ensure that the gold plating layer in the hole is good, without blackening, discoloration Poor plating.

  The process of assembly is equally important. Poor assembly process will cause the needle tip to be skewed, the needle height difference is too large, pin stuck, the nozzle peeling and other problems.