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Why should the contact direction of the spring thimble be vertical to the front?

time:2020-12-11 Views:240

  It has different appearances according to different uses, but there is a precision spring structure inside the spring thimble as a whole. The surface of the pogo pin is usually gold-plated. Spring thimble thimble can realize energization or conduction, most of them contact with the copper wall through the oblique downward, and the spring bears a few, so the inner wall of the copper sleeve is required to be smooth. The spring thimble is made into a non-beveled surface in the factory, and the bottom is flat. Most of the current must be conducted through the spring, and the requirements for the spring will be particularly high. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the power failure occurs when the current suddenly increases.

Why should the contact direction of the spring thimble be vertical to the front?(图1)

  1. Parameter performance of spring thimble

  1. Rated voltage: Less than 12 Volts DC;

  2. Rated current: 2.0 Amperes continuous per Pin;

  3. Working temperature: -25°C ~ 75°C;

  4. Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C;

  5. Working environment humidity: 10% R.H. ~ 90% R.H.;

  6. Durability (lifetime): static test 500,000 cycles, dynamic test 10,000 cycles;

  7. Contact impedance: 30m Ohm Max. @working stroke (The impedance is lower than 30m Ohm in the entire working stroke, so the impedance of the moving too is required instead of the impedance of a certain point);

  8. Insulation resistance before Pin: 500m Ohm Min.

  2. Matters needing attention in the work of spring thimble connector

  1. The amount of compression is usually 2/3 of the total stroke. If the pressing is too little, the forward force will be insufficient, which will cause unstable impedance. Pressing too much will damage the nozzle and cause pin stuck. During the assembly process, attention should also be paid to prevent the nozzle from being bumped and cause pin stuck;

  2. The contact direction of the spring thimble must be vertical to the front, and cannot be accessed from the side or the side;

  3. The battery contacts or FPC golden fingers that you want to match with the spring thimble must not be dirty or oxidized;

  4. The head and nozzle of the spring thimble should be prevented from touching the plastic partition and other obstacles during assembly and use, which will deform the riveting nozzle of the needle tube and easily damage the product.