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Factors affecting the price of antenna thimble pogo pins

time:2020-12-11 Views:234

  As we all know, the pogo pin is a relatively unique radio frequency connector. It is a commodity composed of a needle tube, a barrel and a compression spring. Relatively speaking, its structure is relatively simple, but this does not mean it is The production is also simple. On the contrary, the production process of pogo pins is actually very complicated. Speaking of its complicated production, many people think that the price of pogo pins will be more expensive. Next, Wanchang will introduce to you what are the reasons that affect the price of pogo pins.

Factors affecting the price of antenna thimble pogo pins(图1)

  First, the volume of the pogo pin is one of the factors that affect the price of the pogo pin. In terms of the accuracy of the pogo pin, usually the smaller the volume of the spring, the higher the accuracy requirements. Therefore, the higher the accuracy required, the higher the price of the pogo pin. So from the perspective of pogo pin design and manufacturing time, doing these two points is also one of the methods for pogo pin manufacturers to control costs.

  Second, the production process of the pogo pin is also a factor that affects the price of the pogo pin. If the production process of the pogo pin is different, the price is of course different. If the needle tube of the pogo pin does not need to go through a unique solution to make, the price will be relatively cheap and cost-effective, but if it is necessary to add some unique processing techniques in the production of the pogo pin needle, the price is of course It will be more expensive.

  Third, the assembly of the pogo pin RF connector. There are various ways of assembling, and there are many ways, so the price is different for different assembling methods.

  Fourth, the thickness of the electroplating process of the pogo pin will also affect the price of the pogo pin. The thicker the thickness of the electroplating process, the greater the quality, the better the comprehensive performance of the pogo pin, and the higher the price.

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