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Analyze the production points of spring thimble

time:2020-12-11 Views:284

  Analyze the production points of spring thimble

  One, spring thimble spring

  The spring of the pogo pin is mainly made of beryllium copper, stainless steel, and piano steel wire. Various materials have their characteristics. In the field of spring design, some basic considerations should be made: working temperature, impedance, and elasticity requirements. Almost all springs are silver-plated. In order to have better conductivity, gold-plated treatment is used. Gold can better improve electrical conductivity and high thermal performance, and prevent oxidation and corrosion.

Analyze the production points of spring thimble(图1)

  2. Spring thimble needle tube

  The needle tube of the spring thimble is a deep-turned part. Generally, it has to go through two steps of nickel plating and gold plating when it is electroplated. The thickness of the nickel bottom treatment is generally 1~2 microns (40u=1 micron as usual), and gold plating It is a general surface treatment layer with a thickness of 0.1~1.0 microns. For small-diameter and relatively long blind-hole tubes, there is a challenge when electroplating the inner wall. Generally, a side hole is opened at the bottom end, so that the plating solution can fully reflow at the bottom of the tube to ensure that the bottom of the inner wall tube can deposit gold. Or directly inform the customer of the basic ratio of the design: length and tube inner diameter.

  Three, spring thimble needle shaft

  The needle shaft of the spring thimble is formed by turning and milling the copper material. It is basically gold-plated, which is the preferred treatment method, and gold itself has excellent conductivity and oxidation resistance. In addition, the thickness of the gold plating will affect the life of the entire product. Based on cost considerations, the thickness of the nickel base treatment and the gold plating will be selected. Of course, there are some other electroplating solutions, such as rhodium plating, palladium and other noble materials. Different products will have different needs.

  Fourth, spring thimble assembly

  After a finished product of a spring thimble is produced, it must be assembled to form a spring thimble connector. The terminals of spring thimble connectors are usually made of plastic.