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What should I pay attention to to improve the performance of the charging needle?

time:2020-12-19 Views:121

  Charging needles are commonly called probes and are mainly composed of needles, needle tubes, springs and other parts. It is mainly used to test the wiring of the PCB board, or for online testing after the plug-in, and for BGA packaging testing and chip testing. Of course, everyone needs to pay attention to the need to make test molds when testing the wiring of the PCB, and generally speaking, an OCB board can only be tested by one mold. But in the ordinary test process, if you want to strengthen and stabilize the various performance of the connector, for the charging pin manufacturer, you should take the oxygen increase test, and then take the relevant experience of Shenzhen Senbo Technology Co., Ltd. to further Learn what changes can be made to improve product performance.

What should I pay attention to to improve the performance of the charging needle?(图1)

  The needle head of the charging needle can ensure very low and stable contact impedance through the design concept of the inclined surface structure, and this design concept can also absolutely guarantee the stable conduction performance of the product. In addition, the needle also uses a perforated structure. This design can make the length of the matching spring completely exceed the length of the needle tube, so that a stable elastic force and stroke can be obtained even under very limited space. However, it should be noted that the needle should try to avoid using a flat-bottomed design method, because this design method will prevent the charging needle needle from contacting the spring thimble needle tube normally, resulting in the current unable to pass through the needle tube, which will lead to excessive resistance , Causing the current of electronic products to appear unstable.

  The next step is the design of the charging needle needle tube, and for the battery connection, they will also provide special-shaped or 90° bent needle tubes for customers to choose, so as to choose the most suitable charging needle for customers.

  In any case, if you want to maintain the precise size of the charging needle and meet more customer requirements for products, you must put forward the highest standards for the material or design of the charging needle. Generally speaking, stainless steel SUS304 or stainless steel must be selected. The piano steel wire is used as the material of the spring, because this material can ensure the toughness of the spring and increase the service life of the charging needle. These are the points that charging pin manufacturers need to pay attention to if they want to improve the performance of their products. I hope they can help you a little bit.