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What is the difference between antenna thimble and antenna shrapnel?

time:2020-12-19 Views:295

  Everyone knows that there are many types of connectors, so let’s take antenna thimble and antenna shrapnel as examples today to talk about the difference between chat wire shrapnel and antenna thimble, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and they are used separately To those aspects.

  Let’s first understand the antenna shrapnel. The antenna shrapnel is widely used in power contact devices, and the most used one is the simplest straight cantilever leaf spring. The resistance of the contact piece must be small, so it is made of bronze. The antenna shrapnel has the advantages of good conductivity, high tensile elasticity, high shielding effect, good corrosion resistance, long service life, and easy installation. At the same time, the antenna shrapnel also has problems such as large size, inability to pass large currents, and easy damage to the shrapnel when compressed.

What is the difference between antenna thimble and antenna shrapnel?(图1)

  Next, let’s talk about the antenna thimble. The antenna thimble is a spring-type probe formed by a needle shaft, a spring, a needle tube, and three basic components through a precision instrument riveted and pre-compressed, and finally assembled with plastic to form an antenna thimble. Antenna thimble is generally used for precision connections in electronic products such as mobile phones, communications, automobiles, drones, smart robots, and aerospace, which can improve the corrosion resistance, stability, and durability of these connectors. The antenna thimble has the advantages of small size, high current resistance, long service life, and waterproof.

  In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of antenna thimble and antenna shrapnel are as follows:

  1. The antenna thimble has greater compression and more stable contact than the antenna shrapnel of the same size. When subjected to a strong external force, the spring pressure change of the antenna thimble is relatively small.

  2. Under the same compression, the antenna thimble takes up less space than the antenna shrapnel.

  3. The antenna thimble does not need to open a stamping die, and the time for sending samples and mass production is short.

  4. When the antenna thimble is compressed, the contact point will not move, while the antenna shrapnel will move relative to the position. When there is foreign matter or dirty in the contact position, the conduction is more prone to poor conduction.

  Having said so much, do you have a general understanding of the difference between antenna shrapnel and antenna thimble?