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What is the composition process of Pogo Pin spring pin connector manufacturers?

time:2020-12-19 Views:202

  Pogo pin connector consists of six parts: needle shaft, spring, needle tube, plastic and cap (plastic cap can be selected to protect the needle shaft according to the customer's installation requirements)

  pogo pin is a special connector product in the connector industry. The basic structure of the pogo pin consists of a rotating needle tube, a rotating needle and a compression spring. The needle is held in the needle tube by crimping at the mouth of the needle tube, and the contact force provided by the spring establishes an electrical connection between the needle and the docking member. This reliable connection technology has been widely used:

  1: Wearable devices, smart positioning devices, children's smart bracelets, smart watches, wearable phones, Bluetooth headsets, etc. Data cable, charging cable and magnetic plate terminal connector

What is the composition process of Pogo Pin spring pin connector manufacturers?(图1)

  2: Medical equipment, wireless equipment, data communication equipment, telecommunications equipment, automation and industrial equipment

  3: Aviation, aerospace, military communications and military electronics

  4: Automobile, vehicle navigation, test and measurement equipment

  5. Consumer electronics products (printers, mobile phones, computers, cameras, audio-visual equipment, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets, etc.). (

  At present, with the development of the market and the upgrading of products, more and more consumers are no longer limited to the multi-function of the products, but are pursuing fashionable appearance and compact appearance. However, manufacturing and designing such products is a huge challenge for all electronic product engineers. It is necessary for engineers to make new breakthroughs in original products.