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What are the fixing methods of the connector pin jacks?

time:2021-01-12 Views:277

  There are many pins on the connector. The main function of the connector pin jack is to interconnect with related equipment. What method should be used to stabilize the pins? Next, Jing Chengye shares with you about Three fixing methods of connector pins.

M2742 6.0x13(1A)

  Connector pin

  1. Connector pin press-in type: the pin is fixed by forced press-in method.

  1. The installation of the pins is simple, no need to strip the insulated wires, to ensure a good electrical connection and not to damage the wires.

  2. Save cable investment, no need for cable wiring.

  3. Without cutting off the main cable, branch points can be made at any position of the cable.

  4. Low cost and minimal requirements for installation space.

  5. Since the connector is completely insulated, it is possible to branch the cable without stripping the insulation of the cable.

  2. Connector pin epoxy type: After punching holes on the insulator and shell, fix the pins with epoxy resin.

  1. Strong chemical resistance, resistance to organic solvents, acid and alkali.

  2. Low molding shrinkage, low crack probability and stable size.

  3. Excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance.

  4. High bonding strength, especially suitable for molded products with embedded parts, coils and electronic components.

  5. Excellent electrical properties. It can be used as an insulating material for patella frequency and high voltage. Its arc resistance and surface leakage resistance are stronger than general insulating materials.

  3. Connector pin point riveting type: After pressing in, point riveting the shell to fix the pin.

  1. Permanent fixed assembly method with simple structure, reliability and high cost performance.

  2. The assembled metal parts are firm, tight and stable, and have high shock resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and strong weather resistance.

  3. No vibration, pollution, noise, high efficiency, high quality, environmental protection, energy saving, fast and beautiful in the processing process.

  4. No need to add adhesives, solvents, fillers and fasteners, low energy consumption, compact equipment, and small footprint.

  Jing Chengye reminds everyone that the stability of the connector pin jack is very important to avoid unnecessary problems when consumers use it. It is necessary to strictly check whether the pin is completely fixed.