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How many stages does the pogo pin gold-plating process go through?

time:2021-01-20 Views:190

  Pogo pin is no stranger to everyone. It is also called charging pin, pogo pin, pin pin, probe, etc. It is a kind of precision connector, a product for charging and connecting electronic devices. Playing a crucial factor, its main material is copper. Since its core material is copper, there is no doubt that if you want to play all its roles, you must protect the copper from corrosion and have abrasion resistance (a protective layer is required), which means, The copper surface needs to be plated with gold.

How many stages does the pogo pin gold-plating process go through?(图1)

  1. Degreasing

  Different from general electroplating process, the degreasing time of pogo pin pogo pin is 2~5 seconds, so multi-stage electrolytic degreasing under high current density is used.

  2, pickling

  Due to the size requirements of the metal to be plated, the pogo pin usually uses chemical or electrochemical polishing instead of self-dissolution of the metal.

  3. Nickel plating

  pogo pin is usually nickel-plated with sulfamate bath. The purpose of nickel plating is to provide a bottom plating layer for gold plating and tin plating to improve corrosion resistance and prevent mutual diffusion of the substrate and the gold layer.

  4, pogo pin pogo pin partial gold plating

  There are many precautions for partial gilding, and everyone needs to be highly vigilant. The main reason why pogo pin spring needles choose partial gilding is that this can greatly reduce the cost of gilding, and thus enable enterprises to obtain greater profits.