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How should POGOPIN be better maintained?

time:2021-03-03 Views:196

  Pogo pin is a high-precision electronic component, which is generally used to connect some phones or electronic products. The pogo pin can also be customized according to customer requirements. Generally, it can be used in spring or pin matching according to customer requirements. Pogo pin is a high-precision electronic auxiliary product. Its role is particularly obvious and the connection effect is good. When there is no unnecessary trouble in normal use, you must pay attention to use and preservation. What are the specific maintenance or preservation methods? Let's take a look with Tyco Hanze.

How should POGOPIN be better maintained?(图1)

  First, ensure proper storage process:

  In the general storage process, you must ensure that the indoor temperature and humidity are suitable. High temperature or too high humidity will have a certain impact on it, and do not store the pogo pin. In addition, some chemicals may have a certain degree of corrosion. Loss of outer protection will cause certain damage and affect its function.

  Second, prevent contact with hard objects:

  When moving, prevent the connector from contacting hard objects to avoid scratching the connector. When stacking, do not place the product under heavy objects to avoid crushing the connector.

  Third, pay attention to the problem of use:

  Be sure to pay attention to problems in use, so as to better extend the service life of the connector. The battery contact plate or FPC golden finger connector must not have dirt, oxidation and other dirt, residual hole sealing liquid and residue, etc. To maintain its surface clean and tidy.