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Application of pogopin charging contacts on Bluetooth headsets

time:2021-03-03 Views:157

  The prosperity of smart phones has also promoted the popularity of smart wearable devices; smart bracelets, smart watches, Bluetooth headsets, and so on. Let's take a look at some things that need to be paid attention to when pogo pin charging contacts are applied to Bluetooth headsets.

Application of pogopin charging contacts on Bluetooth headsets(图1)

  1. Application of small size (with limited space): The exquisite compactness of wearable devices has been well explained in Bluetooth headsets. The smallest size is required to achieve powerful functions, which particularly tests the design ability of product engineers. Therefore, the pogopin charging thimble contact used on the Bluetooth headset requires a particularly small volume and has to withstand a large current.

  2. Anti-oxidation and corrosion: Sports enthusiasts especially like to listen to music while exercising. Human sweat is corrosive. Therefore, the charging contacts of Bluetooth headsets must be anti-oxidation and corrosion to ensure that the pogopin charging contacts are not Corrosion by human sweat will not affect the use of Bluetooth headsets.

  3. Waterproof: Some people may swim while listening to songs. At this time, the Bluetooth headset must be waterproof. The charging contacts are the point of connection with the outside world. The process must be waterproof, at least To achieve the IP67 standard.