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The production quality of spring thimble is controlled in the processing process

time:2021-03-04 Views:227

  The spring thimble seems to be a simple and small accessory, which requires particularly high processing technology. If there is no good quality control and perfect manufacturing technology level, power failure and pin stuck are very easy to occur, and the life of the conductive performance is too short. problem. For precision parts such as spring thimble, processing by lathe, electroplating, and assembling, every link may have a serious impact. So, how to control the production quality of spring thimble, there are strict requirements in each processing procedure.

The production quality of spring thimble is controlled in the processing process(图1)

  1. Quality control during stamping:

  Similar to ordinary product manufacturing, the manufacturing process of the connector by the manufacturer usually starts with stamping. With the force of some large-scale high-speed stamping machines, the connector can be formed into a stamped shape from the original thin metal. In the production process of spring thimble manufacturers, one end of a large coil of metal belt can be fed into the front end of the punching machine, and the other end can pass through the punching machine hydraulically and simultaneously wound into the reel. The metal strip is pulled out by the reel and rolled up and stamped. The finished product. In this process, it can be ensured that the product has no quality problems and can effectively avoid phenomena such as scratches and curling.

  2. Electroplating control of connector manufacturers:

  The spring thimble is usually sent to electroplating immediately after being stamped. At this stage, the same as the previous stamping stage, strict treatment will be applied to it. Let its pins be twisted, broken or deformed, so that better pins can be sent to the electroplating equipment. The spring thimble manufacturer will not only make the plating color uniform and normal color during the plating process, but also It will be adjusted according to the actual situation.

  3. Strict testing standards:

  After the production and processing are completed, there will be a link to test the quality and performance of the product, so that reasonable adjustments and controls can be made in time according to the test results to ensure that it meets the corresponding requirements.