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The influence of spring pogo pin thimble connector

time:2021-03-04 Views:155

  One, spring POGO PIN probe connector working stroke selection

  When choosing the spring POGO PIN probe connector, it must be determined according to the space of the product used, and choose the one within the working stroke range; too small space will over-compress the spring of the spring POGO PIN thimble connector, which will affect the service life. Great influence, too much space may lead to inadequate contact, unstable impedance, and transient disconnection.

The influence of spring pogo pin thimble connector(图1)

  2. Selection of plating materials

  The electroplating material in the spring POGO PIN thimble connector has the effects of increasing conductivity, preventing oxidation, anti-wear and so on. Different materials have different functions. For example, gold has good electrical conductivity. For high-current connectors, it has the effect of resisting impedance. High-demand products usually choose electroplated gold.

  3. The influence of plating film thickness

  The spring POGO PIN thimble connector will have a certain amount of friction during work due to certain contact. There will be abrasion after a long time. The thickness of the electroplating film has a great influence on the service life of the product. The electroplating layer will be used to a certain extent. If it is worn away, the resistance may be too large and the impedance may be unstable. The electroplating layer of the pogo pin of 100,000 times must be thicker than that of the 10,000 times. Therefore, when selecting the product, please choose the thickness of the electroplating film according to your needs.

  Fourth, the influence of elasticity

  The contact force of the spring POGO PIN thimble connector comes from the internal spring. The elastic force of the spring will directly affect the impedance and stability of the spring POGO PIN thimble. If the elastic force is too large, the friction coefficient will be enlarged. The service life has a great influence.