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Application of spring pogo pin connector to solve portable design situation

time:2021-03-04 Views:255

  Because analog circuits give way to digital circuits and electronic devices from wired connections to wireless connections, the design of the complete device is also shifting from desktop to portable. Because the design is moving in the direction of portability, the light volume becomes more attention. The use of spring pogo pin connector can just solve this problem. So what is it like? Let's take a look with Tyco Hanze.

  1. Advantages of spring pogo pin size and weight: With improved machining and molding equipment and materials, connector manufacturers have been able to further reduce the size of spring pogo pin connectors in terms of structure. The choice of design and material is the key to successful size reduction. The core of the design is the elastic pin. To form high contact strength, low contact resistance and maintain performance in thousands of plugs and unplugs, beryllium copper materials with special tensile annealing properties must be selected. The main specifications of the thickness and length of the beryllium copper as well as the shape can ensure the long life and long-term performance of the micro-miniature connector pins.

  Most of the insulating shells are injection molded liquid crystal polymer, and some old designs use polyphenylene sulfide. When the insulator between the pins is only 10~11 mils at a 0.025" pitch, this insulating material still maintains high retention and high electrical insulation strength. The high-reliability PogoPin connector body can be used in plug-in and low vibration The application is made of insulating materials, but most high-vibration and high-impact applications require a metal casing.

Application of spring pogo pin connector to solve portable design situation(图1)

  2. The spring pogo pin is durable and reliable: the durability is mainly felt by the good installation design. Force and acceleration are the key factors for testing the strength of spring pogo pin connectors in severe use. Because of its reasonable mounting bracket, the nano-spring pogo pin connector can withstand vibrations and shocks of more than 10,000Gs, such as under fire and launch conditions.

  With the rapid growth of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and communication terminal markets and the continuous transfer of global connector production capacity to Asia and China, Asia has become the most promising place for the connector market, and China will become a global connection The fastest-growing and larger-capacity market. my country's pogo pin connectors are mainly mid-range, and the high-end connector occupancy rate is still relatively low, but the demand is increasing rapidly. At present, the development of my country's connector is in the transitional period from production to creation. In the field of high-end connectors, computers and peripheral equipment have a larger market share, and the automotive and medical equipment connector markets also occupy a higher share. The domestic automotive connector market The share is about 20%, and the rapid popularity of 3G and 4G mobile phones has led to a rapid growth in the demand for high-end connectors. The development of the pogo pin connector industry will become unstoppable.