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What are the installation methods of pogo pins?

time:2021-03-05 Views:244

  The pogo pin is understood literally. The spring is definitely related to it, but it is not a spring pin in the literal sense. In fact, it only contains a spring structure inside it. There is still a difference from a spring. It is the same. A particularly sophisticated hardware and electronic connection device. Here, there are many types of its specifications, such as side-mounted pogo pins, vertical pogo pins, standard pogo pins, etc. It is powerful and versatile, so the installation aspect should also be paid attention to, so the pogo pin is specific What are the installation methods?

What are the installation methods of pogo pins?(图1)

  1. Right-angle solder tail: The tail is bent and plug-in package, so that the designer has more choices in the use of space.

  2. Straight solder tail: normal plug-in package, convenient for soldering.

  3. Floating installation: The double-head double-action design is used in welding-free pressure connection, which enables engineers to have more space flexibility when board-to-board two-way connection.

  4. Surface mount (SMT): good stability, the bottom of the needle tube is a flat-bottomed design, can choose vertical or horizontal packaging, easy to solder to the PCB board. Some needle tubes are equipped with positioning pins at the end, and when soldered to the PCB board, there will be no offset, and the positioning effect is better.